Nat/IntCH East Deep River's Tsunami

Tsunami comes from champion show lines and was bred for conformation. He is a stocky built English Labrador and he loves the show ring. He is mellow, obedient, highly intelligent and trainable.

Tsunami is currently our only boy, and we are excited for him to be the Sire of our future champions.

Tsunami's Three Generation Pedigree
Tsunami's Health Genetics
Tsunami's Coat Color Genetics
Tsunami's Elbow OFA
    -    Normal
Tsunami's Hip OFA
    -    Good
Tsunami's IABCA
    -    Best of Breed, First in Class
Tsunami's IABCA
    -    First in Class
Tsunami's Canine Good Citizen
Tsunami's IABCA National Championship
Tsunami's IABCA International Championship