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From the moment we took that first bite of pork we raised here on our farm we were hooked. Farm fresh pork is miles above store bought pork, but we wanted to see if we could improve flavor and consistency even further. After much research, we are thrilled to announce that starting in 2021 we will be raising and breeding Berkshire pigs.

For over 300 years, Berkshire hogs have been recognized for their amazing meat quality. Known as "Kurobuta" in Japan, the superior taste of Berkshire pork is as prized as Kobe beef, and in many circles is referred to as the Kobe beef of pork. Like its beef counterpart, Berkshire pork boasts beautiful marbling and superb, moist texture. It is said to have a very specific taste, not generic and bland or mild like regular pork, and is renowned for its richness, juiciness, tenderness and overall depth of flavor.

We really do love our pigs, and we like knowing that they are being treated well. Our pigs are fed with a combination of fresh milled grains, and pasture. In addition, to ensure that they have lived their whole lives with love and care, we are moving toward having all of our pigs live on our farm from birth to butcher.

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How much pork will I get and how much will it cost?


It can be confusing trying to calculate how much pork you will receive and how much it will cost, so we thought it would be helpful to walk you through the math.
First we will start with the different weights. We raise our pigs to be about 300 pounds, this is an estimation so your pig may be a little more or a little less. This weight is known as the live weight. After they are slaughtered they are then weighed while hanging, this is known as the hanging weight. The hanging weight is approximately 70% of the live weight. The reason so much weight is lost is due to the inedible or undesirable parts of the pig, i.e. the organs, blood, and hair, all of which is removed during the slaughter process. After the pig is hung and chilled it is ready to be cut and trimmed into retail pieces. During this process there is another reduction in weight due to moisture loss, deboning, and trimming. This loss is about 20% of the hanging weight. So, how much pork will you receive? Lets calculate it together.
Live Weight
300 lbs
30% loss at Slaughter

Hanging Weight
210 lbs

20% loss on Cutting

Retail Weight
170 lbs

We sell our pork in half or whole increments, which means if you would like a whole pig you will receive approximately 170 lbs or pork, and if you would like half of a pig you will receive approximately 85 lbs of pork.
Now, how much will all of this cost? We sell our pigs based on their hanging weight since it is easier than pricing out each cut of meat. Currently we are charging $4.00 per pound based on the hanging weight. In addition you pay the butcher fees. We currently use Matt's Meats as our butcher and as of December 2020 they charge $90.00 per animal processed in addition to $1.10 per pound. Lets calculate the price together.

Our Price (Hanging Weight x $4.00)

Whole Pig = $840.00 (210 x $4.00)

Half Pig = $420.00(105 x $4.00)

Butcher Price (Hanging Weight x $1.10 plus Processing Fee)

Whole Pig = $321.00 (210 x $1.10 plus $90.00)

Half Pig = $160.50 (105 x $1.10 plus $45.00)

Total Price (Our Price + Butcher Price)

Whole Pig = $1,161.00 ($840.00 + $321.00)

Half Pig = $580.50 ($420.00 + $160.50)

Something to keep in mind is that there are additional charges to have your meat smoked, cured, turned into sausage links, and to add spices. All of these additional prices can be found on Matt's Meats website under the Harvest & Process tab, (just click anywhere it says Matt's Meats on this page to open their website).

When it comes time to pay for your pig our price goes directly to us, and you pay the butcher their price when you pick up your meat. If you for any reason are unable to pick up from the butcher directly we may be able to arrange pick up, and or delivery options for you for an additional $50 transport fee.

To reserve your pig we require a deposit of $125.00 for half and $200 for a whole pig. The deposit is applied to your total price and is nonrefundable.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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