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The Pigs

"Bacon’s the best. Even the frying of bacon sounds like applause."
~Jim Gaffigan~

This year we originally planned to only raise a couple pigs, but our excitement grew and we decided that we needed to get a few more.  As soon as the new additions arrived at the farm, their new home, we just had to name them. Now we get to watch our littlest “farm hand” run around in the pig pen wanting to cuddle our little piggies.

The pigs we have are humanely raised on our own property where we can keep an eye on them so we know they are happy and healthy. Sometime in 2020 we plan on having a non-GMO option, and hopefully by 2021 we will have the opportunity to offer organic, non-GMO pork as well.

Our 2019 season has limited quantities of pork available so if you would like some you will need to act fast. We are taking pre-orders for our 2020 seasons. Knowing how many pigs we will need to get will help us to have enough for everyone.


Order Your Pork Here

If you are interested in purchasing our farm fresh pork here is where you can do so. You can order in quantities of a whole pig or half. Again, we have a limited amount for our December 2019 butcher, and pre-orders are open for both of our 2020 seasons.

From our family to yours, Thank You!

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